Why did the famous politician start wearing a burqa?


There comes a time in a person’s life when his life changes. Understanding of religion and love for it is indeed from Allah. Many people are blessed by Allah at a young age, so many of them leave this world waiting for guidance.

So let us tell you that one such famous politician is Nusrat Sehar Abbasi, whose life changed and she came to the right path.

On the social media account Nusrat Sehar Abbasi shared a picture of herself, in which she is wearing a burqa. This action of Nusrat Sahar Abbasi is not only being liked by social media users, but some people are also criticizing her.

The only thing is that whoever has the ability to speak as much as he can, this is the guidance of religion from Allah, who are you and us to criticize it?

Talking about this change in her, Nusrat says that earlier my husband used to tell me that he likes Sharia veil very much, if you do it, I will be happy.

He added, “My son offered five-time namaz, he also used to ask for veil but I used to scold him, but when me and my family were affected by the delta variant of Corona, I was the most affected by this disease.”

Understand that I have seen death very closely. Meanwhile, one night I woke up after sleeping and my world had changed.

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