The girl student made a video of 60 girls taking a bath goes viral

What happened in Chandigarh University in the neighboring country of Indian Punjab, a large number of students have come out on the streets, while the protest continues in Chandigarh University, which is also the Indian media and the police behind the hideous characters behind this issue. Why is it trying to hide faces?

More than 60 girls were harassed in Chandigarh University located in Indian Punjab Mwali, their news was made, their photos were made, their bathing videos were made and none other than one of the same hostel made these videos. There was the girl you can see on your screen.

And this girl has admitted that she made these MMS videos of more than sixty girls. And after making videos, there is a boy from Shimla to whom she used to forward. Said that, this girl has sent all these videos to this boy. And that person has uploaded the videos of all these girls on different porn sites.

Due to which four girls tried to commit suicide while the condition of two is very critical. Initially, the university administration and the warden tried to suppress the matter and the Indian media is not reporting it, after which the students helped themselves. They make trend this topic on diiferent social media sites Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

As this trend became viral. The pressure on the Government of India increased. The law enforcement agencies came into action but still they are preventing it from being reported to protect the reputation and image of their country.

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