Legendary Film Actor Afzaal Ahmad Passed Away

Let me inform you people of a sad news that Afzaal Ahmad passed away yesterday morning. A few years ago, the famous actor had a stroke. Due to which his life became very difficult. After which he was surrounded by many diseases.

On December 1, he was brought to a private hospital due to brain haemorrhage. Where he left all of us during the treatment and went to meet his real creator.

Apart from this, there are also reports that he was not treated well in the hospital. There was another patient on the same bed which was given to Afzaal Ahmad.

As soon as the news of Afzaal Ahmad’s death came. A wave of sadness spread among his fans. Along with expressing regret, they are also praying for the forgiveness of Afzaal Ahmad.

It should be noted that Afzaal Ahmad was also known as Afzaal Chadha in Pakistan showbiz industry. Who showed the essence of acting in various dramas and more than 200 films.

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