Earthquake shakes during pool party in Indonesia

Earthquake shakes during pool party in Indonesia

We all are well aware of the flood disasters in the country of Pakistan. Which at this time has become a divine punishment and has been imposed on the entire country. Due to which many people lost their livelihood and many people became unemployed.

On the other hand, all of you will be well aware of the earthquakes and their devastation that occur all over the world, including Pakistan. Which is one of the signs of Allah’s punishment as well as the signs of the Day of Resurrection. Do you know why these punishments are imposed on the world?

When oppression and coercion exceed the limit, obscenity becomes common, looting becomes common, and everything that causes the displeasure of Allah. When those actions exceed the limit, Allah Almighty warns the world by sending different kinds of punishments that there is still time to correct yourself and return to your true Creator.

Verily, in all these matters, there are clear signs from Allah Almighty for those of understanding. Friends, you all must be well aware of earthquakes and their devastation. And in this regard, today we are going to share a video with you all, the scenes of which are horrifying.

Friends, let me tell you this incident in Indonesia where a pool party was going on and everyone was busy with their own fun. That suddenly Allah’s wrath and anger descended on them in such a way that everyone started to save their own lives. In the video, the intensity of the earthquake can be seen. How is the water coming out of the pool.


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