A Policeman is giving juice to a Poor old man in the Scorching Heat

A Policeman is giving juice to a Poor old man in the Scorching Heat

Pakistan Police, about whom most people generally have a wrong idea, may be true to some extent. But all the five fingers of one hand are not equal. Where there are bad people in every institution, there are also good people.

Pakistan Police is a respectable and reliable institution for all of us because it is one of the institutions of our country that lay down their lives only for the safety of all of us.

So let’s share with you that where many people have a wrong image about police officers, we are going to share such a video with you all.

You will all feel proud of this institution after seeing it. Let us tell you that this is the incident of KPK where a policeman is giving juice to a poor old man in hot summer.

This is humanity and brotherhood in which one cares more about the other person than oneself. Let us explain that the rights of Allah may be forgiven due to any of our good deeds. but the human rights are the actions that will be questioned first on the Day of Resurrection.

Therefore, take care of the rights of Allah as well as the rights of the human.

In the end, by praying to Allah Almighty, May Allah protect the country of Pakistan and the institutions that protect it. Stay blessed Allah Hafiz

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